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Pechluck PechluckH50′S Strawberry Champagne Soup, Served With Champagne Ice, Pistachios And Mint

I visited H50 for Portland Dining Month, where I loved their strawberry champagne soup. This chilled fruit soup recipe should be perfect as the weather is heating back up

Pechluck PechluckChilled Vegetable Pizza

I love the bright colors of the vegetables. And, I love dill, so making this with the dilly cream cheese spread was right up my alley, though I suppose you could up the vegetables by using a vegetable cream cheese, or ranch it up!

Pechluck PechluckElote Pasta Salad

Inspired by Elote/Esquites. It’s smoky from the pan fry of the corn, but creamy from the mayo sour cream mix, a bit of salt from the well salt and cheese, and has a brightness from the lime juice and maybe a bit of spice depending on the amount of chili. For my version I upgraded the call for chili powder or cayenne pepper with ground chipotle chili for more spice and smoke in the flavor profile.

Pechluck PechluckButternut Squash Lasagna Recipe In Béchamel Sauce

This recipe is my take on the butternut squash lasagna recipe by Giada de Laurentiis. The fact she includes amaretti cookies has always been very curious to me. The amaretti cookies add a hint of nuttiness and crunch to the butternut squash- amaretti cookies are almond paste cookies, so you could switch it out for just using nuts instead if you can't find the cookies. Honestly, I think I would add more cookies!

Pechluck PechluckWatercress Cauliflower Soup

Inspired from the watercress cauliflower soup from Martha Stewart recipe. Besides having the touch of pepper from the watercress, it also has a feel of creaminess from the cauliflower but without the fat, and is extremely simple to make. You just need to saute some onion, cut the cauliflower, pull apart the watercress, and have a blender. On a rainy cool day, it’s comforting yet takes advantage of very nutritious ingredients.

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