Pressure Cooked Radicchio Risotto ItalianmondaysEmanuele Tozzato

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Risotto - the creamy short rice dish typical of northern Italy - is known for being a labor intense preparation, unless you have a pressure cooker doing it for you!

  • Yield 480 g
  • Servings 4
  • Portion 120 g
360 g Arborio Rice
400 g Radicchio
720 ml Vegetable Stock
180 ml Red Wine
36 g Unsalted Butter
50 g Onion Soffritto
Kosher Salt to taste
  1. cook the finely chopped onion on the bottom of the cooker for 15' at low flame
  2. add the wine and cook for 5' at medium-high to de-alcoholize
  3. add the stock and the roughly chopped radicchio
  4. toast the dry rice in a sauté pan for 3' at extremely high flame
  5. add the rice to the pressure cooker, stir well all the ingredients and close with lid
  6. bring to high pressure (1 bar/15 psi) and cook for 5'30"
  7. release the pressure, fold in the butter, mix vigorously and let rest for 3' off the fire
  8. Notes
    1. 15' Onion Soffritto
    2. 5'30" @ 1 bar/15 psi
    3. fold butter, rest 3'
    4. top with aged cheese