Fregolotta Cake ItalianmondaysEmanuele Tozzato

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This is a typical Venetian dessert that is traced back to the mid '700 ! Dry and crumbly (hence the name), it is incredibly addictive!

  • Yield 1
  • Servings 6
  • Portion 1 slice
300 g Flour
200 g Sugar
300 g Almonds
3 Eggs
200 g Butter
  1. beat the egg yolks
  2. finely chop and roast the almonds
  3. fold in all the ingredients
  4. mix to create a coarse dough
  5. spread to the bottom of a well greased pan 1cm (1/2 inch) thick
  6. decorate with some laminated almonds
  7. bake 30" @ 215C (420F)
  8. Notes
    1. the tradition says to bring it whole to the table and break it with a spoon