Berries And Banana Frozen Yogurt Lizzie_diLizzie D

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As always, keeping deliciousness simple. A tangy refreshing dessert you can whip up in a second!

  • Yield 1 batch
  • Servings 10
  • Portion 2 scoops
200 ml Organic Sugar
1 cup Honey
32 oz Greek Yogurt
1 Banana (Ripe)
2 cup Raspberries
1.5 lbs Strawberries
  1. Wash strawberries and raspberries. Stem strawberries. Cut strawberries and banana into smaller pieces. Place fruit in bowl
  2. Add honey and sugar to bowl and blend with a hand blender until it becomes a pulp
  3. Mix in yogurt
  4. Place in freezer for a minimum of 7 hours
  5. Notes
    1. For a smoother consistency, stir the mix every hour or so to break up the ice crystals
    2. The original recipe called for caster sugar. As organic sugar is course, I used the blender to make it finer
    3. Original Recipe: