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Cookq cookQChocolate Ganache Layer Cake

This cake is a basic sponge cake filled and covered in chocolate ganache. It was originally inspired by Teresa Rebelo's Vintage Cake; absolutely stunning and delicious and found here: http://lume-brando.blogspot.com/2013/05/almoco-de-maes-e-um-bolo-moda-antiga.html

Pechluck PechluckWatercress Cauliflower Soup

Inspired from the watercress cauliflower soup from Martha Stewart recipe. Besides having the touch of pepper from the watercress, it also has a feel of creaminess from the cauliflower but without the fat, and is extremely simple to make. You just need to saute some onion, cut the cauliflower, pull apart the watercress, and have a blender. On a rainy cool day, it’s comforting yet takes advantage of very nutritious ingredients.

Pechluck PechluckH50′S Strawberry Champagne Soup, Served With Champagne Ice, Pistachios And Mint

I visited H50 for Portland Dining Month, where I loved their strawberry champagne soup. This chilled fruit soup recipe should be perfect as the weather is heating back up

Cookq cookQKale, Pistachio And Sunflower Seed Pesto

This raw pesto is simple and healthy. We adapted Jerry's recipe from cookingstoned.tv by adding more Kale, less garlic and salt and threw in some sunflower seeds... Kid-approved!

Lizzie_di Lizzie DMeskouta Moroccan Orange Cake

A great way to put excess oranges to use. Great served toasted with butter, too! Note: Inspired by recipe on About.com: http://moroccanfood.about.com/od/dessertsandcookies/r/orange_cake.htm

Gilao8 João Gilberto AmorimA Floresta Mágica

É um bolo muito fácil de fazer e rápido, anteriormente a base fazia com bolacha "Maria" mas levava muito tempo e arranjei esta solução que na minha opinião até fica melhor. Bolo à base de frutos vermelhos.

Peach peachGénoise Cake

The génoise cake is a perfect base for many recipes and on it's own with fillings or just plain.

Jennibost JenniWhiskey & Apple Syrup

But, the secret to great breakfast is in the sauce. Or, in this case…the syrup. My husband claimed this syrup as the best syrup he has had in his entire life. There was plate licking involved.